Chicago Package Design

Chicago Packaging Design

Nite Owl Packaging is your go-to for Chicago packaging design. We create packages not only for the pharmaceutical industry, but also for commercial and consumer goods. With no minimum on quantity for most of our packaging services, we make high-quality, affordable packaging accessible even to single individuals. We’ll work with you to design packaging that meets all of your practical needs and matches the vision you have for your brand. Alternatively, our high precision printing also allows us to create packaging designed according to your exact specifications, so we’re capable of bringing any vision to life. We started in the printing industry, so whatever you choose, you’ll receive your packaging quickly thanks to our blazing fast printing, and you can expect the quality of your packaging and its design to be just as high as our other products. Like all of our services, our packaging happens right here in the U.S.A, where quality control is assured.

Top Chicago Packaging Design | Nite Owl Packaging

Most companies jump at the chance to cut spending where they can. Cutting costs at the margins increases profitability, which means more liquid capital, and liquid capital means growth. But despite the costs, big companies are more than happy to give out their money for one thing, and that’s their reputation. Having a high quality product is a good way to build your reputation by word of mouth, but to reach as many people as possible, marketing is the only way to go. Compared to the cost of wages or expensive equipment, marketing is a cheap, short-term investment with huge returns, which is why large organizations with strong foundations don’t hesitate to fork out massive amounts of capital for their marketing campaigns.

For smaller businesses, though, active marketing is like a black hole. Even a single marketing campaign is expensive, so how could a small business afford to compete for good advertising space when their competition can write blank checks without breaking a sweat? That’s probably why it’s absolutely unbelievable to us that so few companies take advantage of the free marketing opportunity that their packaging design presents. Yes, you read that right. Packaging design.

The fact of the matter is that even big companies can’t be everywhere, and the local shelves that house your products are likely full of dull and unattractive packaging. That means that visually appealing, particularly high-quality packaging is going to stand out.

Since you already need packaging for your product, why not turn the expense into an opportunity to properly market your brand? Let Nite Owl handle your Chicago packaging design and printing, and we’ll design packaging so attractive that consumers won’t have a choice but to remember your brand. For physical sellers, consumers will be reminded of your product every-time they walk into the store. And after that, they’re going to buy your product, because if they didn’t, nobody would ever spend money on marketing.

If you’re selling your product online, our Chicago packaging design can be even more important. Packaging is the first thing online consumers see, and forms the basis for a good first impression, since quality packaging conveys a high level of professionalism. Depending on the cost of your product, the quality of your packaging can even be a significant factor in a reviewer’s rating. And if your product is inexpensive, our high-quality packaging will make you stand out for sure.

When Nite Owl started, we were proud just to help small businesses print flyers. Now, we’re one of the top printing and packaging companies in the Chicago Metropolitan Area. We’re proof that packaging is valuable, and that it works. And thanks to the patrons who’ve taken a chance on us, we’ve long since established our reputation for having high-quality, affordable services.

If you’re interested, feel free to give us a call at (630) 793-0766, or contact us here, and we’ll get your packaging and packaging design done as soon as possible. As always, thank you for considering Nite Owl Packaging, and we look forward to doing business with you!

Chicago Packaging Design

Chicagoland Packaging Design | Why Choose Nite Owl?


Bear with us for a moment and imagine that you’ve engineered a new pharmaceutical that will save lives. You’ve gone through the trials to ensure your drug meets all of the FDA requirements, and you’re almost ready to get your product into people’s hands.

But as it turns out, packaging, which is the last step in that process, is more difficult than you might expect. Prescription drug packaging has to meet strict FDA serialization guidelines, and even OTC pharmaceuticals have their own requirements. Further, medicines can be extremely sensitive to the materials and environment they’re contained in, and can lose their efficacy or even be harmful if the quality of their packaging isn’t high-enough. Given such high stakes, who would you trust with your pharmaceutical packaging?

Well, if you didn’t see it coming, we’re proud to tell you that the pharmaceutical industry has already decided, time and time again, who they can trust in Chicago with their business. Yes, that’s right. They trust Nite Owl Packaging to guarantee the quality of their pharmaceutical packaging in Chicago.

What we’re trying to say is that if we can meet the quality demanded by pharmaceutical packaging with accuracy and precision, as we’ve proven we can, you’d better believe we’re committed to bringing that same quality to Chicago businesses all over the Metropolitan area with our packaging design.

If you’re willing, let us work with you to create your Chicago packaging design and handle its printing. By the time we’re done, we’re confident that people will actually feel bad about throwing away your packaging in their recycling bins, because your packaging will just be that pretty. Your packaging will compliment your brand, and most importantly, will help your product fly off the shelves. It might sound like an exaggeration, but there’s no question about it. Marketing works, and as a company that’s provided the printing services required for marketing purposes for years, we’ve personally seen the impact that even something as simple as your product’s packaging makes.

So what are you still waiting for? Let us help you take your business to the next level. Take a moment to call us at (630) 793-0766 or reach out here. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Top Chicago Packaging Design | Types of Packages


While we’ve included a number of our most popular designs for our Chicago packages below, namely our folding cartons, we wanted to make it abundantly clear that we’re confident in our ability to provide any type of package. We even meet the FDA’s serialization requirement for prescription drug packaging, so it’s safe to say that if you can think of it, no matter how bizarre, unconventional, or complex, we can make it. Where others see obstacles, we see opportunity and innovation. There’s wisdom in conventional designs, but that doesn’t mean other designs aren’t worth consideration.

Straight Tuck

There are multiple variations of the tuck design, but the straight tuck is one of the most frequently used folded carton designs on the market. Versatile, easy to put together, and even easier for consumers to open, straight tuck cartons are great all-purpose, affordable designs.

Seal End

The Seal End design is best known for it’s frequent use with cereal boxes. Seal Ends have dust flaps that are usually sandwiched in-between the internal and external flaps located at the bottom of the box, although sometimes the dust flap is placed below both. This bottom trifecta is where Seal End cartons get their name, and is the gold-standard for cereal packaging.

Tray Style

Tray style cartons are probably the most self explanatory. With locking features or hinged lids for all kinds of boxed and frozen foods, tray style carton designs are extremely famous as the ‘TV Dinner’, which makes them extremely recognizable to consumers who are looking for a quick bite.

Chicago Metropolitan Area Packaging Design | Comprehensive Packaging

If you need more than just our Chicago packaging design, we can also create a more comprehensive packaging solution that has an integrated system of package inserts and other printed material. Our packages are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we offer, and we’d love to help you with the other services we can provide. Call us or stop in and let us help you promote your business with our other high-quality printing and packaging services.

Chicago Folding Carton